Facebook Events for musiciansFourteen tips to help you create an effective Facebook Event

Musicians have been debating the efficacy of Facebook as a promotional tool for years now. One aspect of the popular social platform that definitely IS still useful for bands, though, is the Facebook Events function. Since Facebook pages are public, you can use Facebook Events to announce shows, get people excited about your band, and encourage fans to share your music with their friends.

But in order to see results, you’ve got to do it right. That’s why we’ve put together the FREE guide “Creating Effective Facebook Events.”

Inside, you will learn about:

* Why you should create events from your band page, NOT your profile

* The importance of an event photo

* How to reach the most Facebook users with your event

* Timing your announcements to get the most impact

* How to update and moderate your event page to drive engagement

* And more

Download our FREE guide to creating effective Facebook Events:

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