Header for Spotify announces COVID-19 Music Relief project

Spotify adds a new functionality to help you support your virtual concerts.

You can now list your “virtual events” on Spotify. You can also pin them to the top of your artist profile. In certain cases, Spotify will even send an email to your followers about your upcoming live streams.

Earlier this year Spotify enabled donation links for artists. This new feature is another way Spotify is helping artists connect with fans during the COVID pandemic.

Spotify made this announcement on Tuesday, September 15th, but the functionality will roll out to users over the next week.

How do I list my virtual events on Spotify?

  1. Get your virtual events listed on Songkick first.
  2. Be sure your Songkick events are connected with your Spotify for Artists account.
  3. Check that your virtual events are appearing on the Concerts hub of your Spotify profile.

Important: There is no way to list events directly within Spotify for Artists.

Your livestreams can be hosted on any platform, including Twitch, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, or your own website. You just need to create that Songkick listing for the event!

Promoting live streams on Spotify

To leverage your Spotify artist profile, set the event as your Artist Pick.

Spotify may also send details about your virtual events to your followers by email!

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