Social links and photo gallery added to Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists launches two new profile customization features.

If you have a Spotify for Artists account, you know that you can customize your header photo, edit your artist bio, post concert dates, pin your favorite music or playlist to the top of your profile, and more.

Well now you have two more ways to strut your stuff on Spotify.

1. A photo gallery

Within your Spotify for Artists account you can upload up to 125 pictures and edit them to appear in whatever order you prefer. You can also update your profile avatar from within the Spotify for Artists app. To keep things fresh on your profile, post your latest:

  • press shots
  • behind-the-scenes pics in the studio, on tour, or shooting a video
  • live photos
  • shots of you hanging out with fans or fellow musicians

2. Social links to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia

The ABOUT tab on your profile will now display off-platform links, so listeners that want to check out more from you can follow you in other places besides Spotify.

Remember, as a CD Baby client you get instant artist verification on Spotify so you don’t have to wait to claim your Spotify for Artists account!