Add photos and tour dates to the top of your Spotify artist profile

Artist's Pick on Spotify: add tour dates and photos

Spotify introduces two new features with its “Artist’s Picks” tool.

Artist’s Picks, the function that lets you pin an album, song, or playlist to the top of your artist discography page on Spotify, can now be used to share tour dates.

Normal Artist’s Picks expire after 14 days, but your tour dates will be live until the tour ends. And best of all, the messaging is tailored to the Spotify user’s location, so the concert listings will be personalized with the dates happening in their area.

You can also now upload a photo to customize your Artist’s Pick. That photo will appear in a large area behind the pick description and cover art (if you’re featuring music).

For more details, go HERE.

For information on becoming a verified artist on Spotify so you can use the Artist’s Pick tools, go HERE.

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