7 steps to get more traction for your music on Spotify

How do I reach more listeners on Spotify?

Gaining traction on Spotify often involves planning and effort. You shouldn’t rush to get your music released as soon as possible.

Sure, CD Baby can deliver a single to Spotify in a matter of days, but you’ll get way more from your release if you plan ahead, use the right tools, and prove to Spotify that you’re investing in your own music promotion. 

7 steps to get more traction for your music on Spotify:

1. Get verified with Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists verification happens instantly when you distribute music through CD Baby.

2. Customize your Spotify profile

Add your header image, update your bio, feature playlists, integrate your concert calendar, pin your Artist’s Pick to the top of your profile, and more.

3. Distribute your music to Spotify early

Sign your music up for distribution at least 3-4 weeks ahead of the release date to make sure you have enough time to promote effectively.

This also ensures you have enough time to take care of step #6 below!

4. Sign up for Show.co — FREE for CD Baby clients

Show.co is CD Baby’s suite of music marketing tools used by artists like Maroon 5, Tove Lo, and Oasis to build their Spotify presence. You can too, and it’s free if you distribute music through CD Baby.

Just log into your CD Baby dashboard and click “Free Marketing Tools” to get started!

5. Run a Spotify Pre-Save & Follow campaign

Using Show.co’s “social unlock” tool, you get two results with one click, creating early traction for your music.

Your fans will now follow your profile on Spotify, and your upcoming music will be saved in their listening queue so they’ll be the first to hear it on your release date.

To create an effective campaign, you’ll need:

  • your single’s UPC
  • a good photo
  • and a catchy hook or reward

Think about what’s going to make someone HAVE to click that button!

6. Submit your song to Spotify’s editorial team

At least seven business days before your release date, log into Spotify for Artists and use the playlist submission tool. This step GUARANTEES placement on your followers’ Release Radar playlists.

In the notes section of the submission process, be sure to tell Spotify about:

  • what you’re doing to boost pre-saves & follows
  • your advertising budget to boost your music on Spotify
  • and any other music PR, playlist, radio, or video campaigns you’re running 

If you don’t invest in your music, no one will!

7. Run ads to drive streams

With Show.co’s Ad Builder tool it’s easy to run banner ads and audio ads both before and after your release date to boost streams, song saves, and Spotify follows.

Want to reach the right fans in the places where they’re already checking out music like yours — on streaming platforms like Spotify and iHeart Radio, and on influential music websites like Pitchfork, RollingStone, and Billboard?

Check out Ad Builder!


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