I’m as guilty as anyone of posting all my good press on my band’s Facebook Page. Believe me, I understand. You’re excited. You feel validated. Someone out there appreciates you and they’re using their voice to spread the word about your music. Unfortunately, no one cares quite as much as you do.

One of our readers, Christopher West, pointed out the often overlooked fact that your fans ALREADY like you. They don’t need to be convinced all over again. Instead of posting an endless stream of positive reviews (especially around the time of an album release), give them something NEW. New insights, new content, silliness, secrets, etc.

Here’s something new that Christopher suggests you try: “Keep your fans interested, not bored of you. Maybe you should try posting a really bad review and let your fans tear it apart.”

Sure, if you’re a brand new band, then it might not be the best idea. But if you’re secure and confident in your music-making, and have a pretty solid foundation of good press to stand on, go ahead and post a negative review once in a while and let your fans have some fun. Just make sure YOU don’t seem threatened, petty, or retaliatory in the way you frame the review. Keep things light and you might find that a bad review can do more for your career than a good one.

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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