Pandora launches free analytics tools for artists

Pandora, one of the most powerful platforms for music discovery, has just launched the Artist Marketing Platform (also called Pandora AMP), providing free listener data to the 125,000+ artists whose music is played on the Internet radio service.

If your music isn’t on Pandora yet, find out how to submit your songs to Pandora for consideration. If your music IS on Pandora, enroll in AMP and get a detailed glimpse into how your music is performing, who it’s reaching, and more.

Some of the data you’ll be able to view (updated daily) includes:

  • Song performance (total spins, thumbs up, etc.)
  • Number of fans who’ve created a station for your music
  • The geographic location of your fans
  • A demographic breakdown of your audience
  • A map showing where your music is catching on across the United States

To get started with Pandora AMP, sign up here using your Pandora listener login (or create a new account). Pandora will take some time to confirm your account, and then they’ll notify you via email when your AMP profile is ready.

Are you excited to see your Pandora analytics? How will you use the data? Let us know in the comments below.