Facebook promotion for musiciansEver feel like the posts you make from your band’s page on Facebook get largely ignored? Yeah, me too. And while I’m sure that’s partly true (for me, at least), the real reason is that most of your fans aren’t even getting the chance to ignore your posts, because they never see them in the first place.

Sure: the more fans interact with your page, the more they’re going to see your content, but how can you encourage them to interact with your page, leading them to more of your content, if you never show up in their news feed in the first place? It’s a catch-22, and you’re not the only one running in circles.

Let’s just assume you don’t want to pay to promote your posts through Facebook. You don’t, right? Me neither. So what should you do?

I’ve seen a lot of artists encourage people to take steps in their personal Facebook settings to ensure that they’ll see their posts. An easy way to do this? Tell people who have liked your page to take it one step further by hovering over that “Like” button they just clicked and select “get notifications.” I do this with a few bands and brands, and Facebook hits me with a notification – just like the ones you get for likes, comments, etc. – telling me that they posted something. I love it. I’m not positive that it works every time, but as far as I know it does.

You could write a quick note on Facebook, asking your fans to do this so they can stay up-to-date. The key here, though, is to get engagement on that post so more of your fans will see it, which will lead to more engagement, more views, and hopefully more people opting in for notifications from you. Easier said than done.

But you know what you should really be doing about all this, instead of wasting time fretting about Facebook’s goofy algorithms? Building your email list. It’s still the single best way to get your content in front of someone, and your best bet at getting their undivided attention. Is building an email list and crafting messages to your fans a lot more work than shooting off a quick FB post? Absolutely. And that’s why it works. And that’s why it’s worth it.

Have you had any success with getting people to opt themselves in for notifications about your posts? Do you have any other thoughts on the how to get more of your fans to see your Facebook content? Let us know in the comments.

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