Thanks to Hypebot for reminding me about one very simple,but important tool for promoting your music: tagging photos and videos in Facebook.

Tagging Other People in Your Photos/Videos

When you upload a photo or video to Facebook, you’ll see a “tag this photo” or “tag this video” link. By clicking that, you’ll be able to note the fact that someone else in your network of friends/fans is pictured in the photo/video. Once you’ve “tagged” the photo with their name, the photo/video will appear on that person’s Facebook wall and in their photo/video section. If that person doesn’t want to be tagged in your photo/video, they’ll simply “untag” it. Maybe they think they look like a troll or are embarrassed about their dancing. If they remove the tag, don’t try to retag it. That is just rude!

1) upload or locate the photo you’d like to tag

2) Click the “Tag This Photo” link (shown in the image above on the left hand side of the page below the picture)

3) Click the face of the person you want to tag and a drop-down bar will display recent tags, friends, etc.

4) Type in the name of the person you want to tag (as pictured below)

5) Once you’ve properly tagged the person/people you want to associate with the photo/video, you will see their names displayed beneath the photo. (as shown below)

6) Be sure to click the “Done Tagging” link when you’re done!

Tagging Yourself in Other People’s Photos/Videos

You can also tag other people’s content if YOU happen to appear in it. Then THEIR photos/videos will appear on your wall and in your photo/video section.

Asking Fans to Tag Themselves in Photos/Videos Related to Your Music!

Here is where tagging can become really useful for your music promotion:

1) Take a picture of your audience from stage and ask everyone to visit your Facebook page to tag themselves! Then the photo will appear on all of their walls and announce the fact that you threw an awesome event that all these people were excited to attend, and to tag themselves later.

2) Ask fans to take pictures and videos of your show and of the audience and post them (either to YOUR page or to their own profiles) and be sure to tag themselves AND you. You can always untag something it is unflattering or out-of-tune!

3) Tag everyone who appears on stage, band members, guest musicians, etc. You want to be sure your content has the widest reach possible, and the more people tagged, the further your photos and video will travel!

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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