Instagram for musicians (and its dirty secrets)More than a thousand artists are now using HostBaby’s Instagram tool to display awesome photos on their websites, and it reminded me… we’ve written quite a few articles over the years about promoting your music with Instagram.

Time for a recap!

Here are 6 articles about Instagram that might give you some new ideas on how to promote your music with pictures and video:

1. Why you should be using Instagram as a musician (and all its dirty secrets)

2. Spice up your Instagram profile with these tools (and the best ones are FREE!)

3. How to save your Instagram pictures without posting them

4. Instagram for bands: 10 quick tips to promoting your music with hip images

5. How to host an Instagram fan photo contest

6. Instagram video: a new social tool

7. Fourteen kinds of band photos you can share with your fans

How are you using Instagram in your music career? Let me know in the comments below.

Putting Instagram photos on your website

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