A simple trick to get more conversions from your music email list.

Did you just send an important email to your list? Here’s how to get more results from that same message:

  1. Duplicate the email
  2. Change the subject line slightly
  3. Segment your list according to prior engagement
  4. Create a new segment of subscribers who didn’t open the previous email
  5. Send the duplicate email to only those people

Pretty simple, right? I recently did this for a new album announcement and even though the duplicate email sent to the less engaged audience was opened fewer times than my original email, I actually got the same amount of CD sales from both. So in my case, I doubled the results by segmenting my list and re-sending the email to people who didn’t open it the first time around.

Does this sound like pestering your list?

As long as you’re driving results and NOT significantly increasing unsubscribes, I think you’re safe to do this trick any time there’s big news to share. Everyone is busy, and no one pays as close attention to your music career as YOU do; so really — just about the time you feel like you’re annoying people, that’s when they’re finally paying attention.

Got any email tips of your own to share? Let me know in the comments.