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Your YouTube channel is a reflection of you — it’s your band’s home-base for broadcasting videos on YouTube. From your channel, you can feature your own uploaded content, highlight favorite videos by other folks, and create personalized playlists.

A YouTube channel allows you to customize the presentation of selected videos and engage your fans through social in- teraction features. Basically, your channel gives you the opportunity to brand your band the way you want, control the content, and share it with the world from one simple location.

Here are a few pointers to help you get the most of your YouTube channel’s customization options: 

1. Give your YouTube channel a good name. This is the name that appears at the top of the channel. Choose something that makes sense (like your band or artist name!) — and / don’t be too clever unless EVERYBODY gets the reference.

2. Choose a great background image to customize your YouTube channel. When you are logged into your YouTube account, you can style your YouTube channel page by clicking “My Channel.” From the main channel page, click the “Settings” button. From there you can upload a background image.

3. Select a background color. Set your background color to something that blends well with your photo. The color customization options are on the same page as the background picture uploader.

4. Set the default tab display (in the “Settings” section). This will determine what people view when they first visit your YouTube channel. Choose between a “feed” setup that displays recent YouTube activity, a video page that shows your uploaded videos in reverse chronological order, or a featured tab which you can select in “Settings” to display specific playlists.

5. Fill out descriptions and tags for the channel. The “Info and Settings” tab inside the “Settings” section allows you to tag and describe your YouTube channel. Use good keywords related to your music (including musician names, band location, genre descriptions, etc.) that will help viewers locate your channel in a YouTube search. Note, however, that while YouTube uses tags to aid search, they no longer publicly displays tags to viewers.

6. Use posts to update your channel subscribers of new content. YouTube channel posts allow you to com- municate directly with your subscribers. Alert them of new videos and playlists, but don’t get carried away — no one likes SPAM.


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