Man getting a Spotify URI code for his music

What is a Spotify URI?

A Spotify URI is a unique resource indicator code for music on their platform.

It is a link to directly share your songs to fans, both before and after release.

Where can I find my URI?

To get the URI for your music that’s already available on Spotify, it’s simple.

  • Open the Spotify app
  • Click the ellipses symbol ( • • • ) next to the track, album, or playlist
  • Scroll down to “Share”
  • Then select “Copy Spotify URI”

spotify copy uri

Can I get a URI before release?

Yes! Spotify pre-save campaigns are a fantastic way to build hype for your album before release.

In order to launch a pre-save campaign, you’ll also need a Spotify URI.

With, you can get your URI for pre-release AND launch a Spotify pre-save at the same time.

How to get your Spotify URI for pre-saves

  1. Distribute your music to Spotify via CD Baby
  2. Set a release date in the future
    Give yourself at least a couple weeks to get the most out of your pre-save campaign.
  3. Verify your music has been delivered to Spotify
    Go to the “Distribution: Partner Delivery” section of your CD Baby dashboard.
  4. Create a account from your CD Baby dashboard
    Click the “Free Marketing Tools” link.
  5. Log into your account
    Click “New Campaign” in the top right of the screen.
  6. Select “Social Unlock” pre-save campaign for Spotify
  7. Choose “Type: Spotify: Pre-Save” social unlock pre-save
  8. Select “Identifier: CD Baby UPC”
  9. Enter your UPC
    Your UPC will typically be a 12 digit code.

We’ll locate your URI through our integration with Spotify, pop it into your campaign, and then you can continue setting up your pre-save.

Note: If your music is already available, you can’t do a pre-save.

Pre-saves are only for music that’s NOT yet released on Spotify. If you’re trying to enter the UPC for older releases, you’ll see a warning message like the one below. upc error example

If you get that warning message, don’t be sad.

There are a lot of ways to promote your music on Spotify, even if it’s been out for a while.

Just create a different kind of campaign from the dropdown menu, such as;

  • Stream on Spotify
  • Add to My Music on Spotify
  • Add to My Playlist on Spotify
  • Follow on Spotify is free for all CD Baby accounts, so launching a Spotify pre-save costs nothing at all!

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