While a lot of artists seem to be slipping when it comes to maintaining a consistent presence on MySpace, you might want to think twice before neglecting your account. MySpace remains the go-to place for artists looking to easily upload and share full versions of their songs.  Sure, it’s easy to get frustrated by the overblown bells and whistles that go along with a typical MySpace visit, but there are many reasons why it’s still a useful tool for musicians looking for gigs, fans, and exposure.

Fans are taken right to the music – Pretty much everyone looking for music on the web knows this, so MySpace is one of the first stops when looking for a particular song.  It’s a no-frills way to hear the latest single from a band.

Standardized site for clubs/press to link to – When a booker or potential fan loads up your Myspace page, they know exactly what they’re going to get: a handful of your songs, some pictures of you in action, a bio, and a glimpse of your fan base. Regardless of how fancy and flashy your official website might be, Myspace makes it relatively easy to access all your basics.  Many clubs and press outlets still prefer to post links to MySpace over the band’s official site.

It’s an actual web presence – Sure, Facebook is a bit cleaner and has more buzz in the social media world, but MySpace does not require users to sign up in order to access the content.  This makes for a quick and easy web presence that anyone can check out.