Advertising your music on Pitchfork, MTV, Billboard, RollingStone, and more

Every musician wants FANS! (But they don’t invent themselves.)

There’s a movie where a ghost tells a guy to build a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield, promising that when he does, thousands of sports fans — and a few more ghosts — will show up and pay the guy money.

Sounds great, right?

Except nothing like that has ever happened in real life. Not in baseball, and not in music.

Okay, sure, Woodstock might be the closest thing, but even that required a big promotion effort.

New listeners have to be found and converted.

Every artist wants to grow their audience. We forget though that “grow” is a verb; and just because your song is on Spotify doesn’t mean anyone will hear it.

First they need to know. Then they need to wonder. Then they need to care.

We need to lead new listeners on a journey, in this order:

  1. Awareness
  2. Curiosity
  3. Enjoyment

While we WANT new fans, what we first NEED is reach. Reach, plus good music and a message that makes people want to click.

That’s why CD Baby built a tool to help you reach targeted music listeners effectively and affordably. Because advertising your music is one of the most reliable and measurable ways to build an audience. You create great music and a compelling story, and we’ll help you spread your message, tracks, and videos to the right music fans.

See your music and videos on Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Billboard, MTV, and more.’s Ad Builder is the most powerful and cost effective way to run premium ads.

All you need is the link to a track on Spotify or a video on YouTube, and Ad Builder will help you build a great-looking interactive ad in minutes.

Best of all, when your ad appears on music websites, your song or video will be playable right then and there. This has three huge benefits:

  1. Interactive ads are more effective because the visitor doesn’t have to leave the site they’re on to check out your music. Fewer barriers for a potential fan!
  2. The ads don’t look like ads, so they can give the impression that your music has been featured by a website’s editorial team.
  3. Plays are MONETIZED, meaning you stand to earn revenue whenever someone engages with the media (embedded Spotify player, YouTube video, etc). within your interactive ad.

With Ad Builder you can announce your latest single, album, video, or tour by placing interactive banner ads on the best music websites in the world, including:

  • Rolling Stone
  • Billboard
  • Complex
  • Pitchfork
  • MTV
  • NME
  • Dancing Astronaut
  • Consequence Of Sound
  • Brooklyn Vegan
  • Stereogum
  • And many more

No one else has a curated ad network with such a deep music focus.

In fact, you get more possible ad placements through Ad Builder than… LITERALLY ANY OTHER METHOD!  Plus, it’s extremely difficult or even impossible to place ads on these premium websites via Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, or other advertising solutions. Ad Builder makes it not only possible, but simple and affordable for independent musicians on a budget.


Better ad results at the lowest cost possible.

Carlos Santana recently ran a campaign using Ad Builder and the results far outperformed going direct with the website publishers, saving his team roughly 75% on their ad spend.

No matter what your budget or level of acclaim, Ad Builder can similarly help you get your message out there, and drive results at a lower cost. Going direct to place a banner on, for instance, would require that you spend a minimum of $5,000, and cost you $17 per thousand impressions (CPM). To say that again: For every thousand people who’d see your banner when you advertise directly, you’d pay $17.

With Ad Builder you can place banners on for a minimum budget of $50, and our users’ average CPMs have been under $3. That’s a thousand peoples’ eyes on your ad for an average of $3.

Average CPC (cost per click) through Ad Builder has been $0.28 with lows as low as $0.05.

CPC is the amount you pay every time someone who sees your ad actually clicks on it. Ad Builder’s average cost per click has been 28 cents, and gone as low at 5 cents; those rates are really good.

Compare that to:

  • Google Banners: Avg. CPC $0.56
  • Facebook Ads: Avg. CPC $0.44
  • Instagram Ads: Avg. CPC $1.41

Ad Builder is cheaper than anyone else.

We built this tool to help you extend your reach.

It’s easy to use, and more effective and affordable than other banner ad solutions. So get your message out there.

Try Ad Builder next time you want to spread the word about your latest release, tour, or video.  

If you’re a CD Baby client, you can create a free account from within your CD Baby dashboard. Just click “Free Marketing Tools” under the “Featured Tools” section. Go HERE to get started.