Developing an authentic voice in writing, in singing, and yes, in Facebook, is a matter of experimenting until you find something that works AND that you feel comfortable with.  Then you have to stick with it long enough for people to identify that voice as YOURS. Remember that your Facebook personality does NOT have to convey all the complexities of the “real world” you. It can be more grandiose, subdued, sarcastic, romantic, etc.

A few tips to help you develop your voice:

1. What works for other people? Look at the bands and artists you relate to and analyze how they communicate with their fans. Imitate them, but tweak their approach until it feels like it’s coming from you.

2. Make a Facebook calendar to schedule your posts of updates, questions, pictures, and videos. Sticking to a schedule will force you into putting something out there. The more you do that, the more you’ll discover what works, what feels forced, and what is a waste of time.

3. Ask questions about things that mean something to you. If you’re fired up about something, your fans will want to engage with you on that topic.  Chances are, if it is important to you, you’re not alone.

4. Ask your fans and friends (in the real world) how they’d describe your tone and message as a person and artist in just a few sentences. Did their responses resonate with you? If so, amplify THAT and you’ll have found your “authentic voice.”

5. Don’t be afraid to offend. I mean, don’t aim for it! But don’t shy away from being yourself just because you think a few people might be put off by something that really matters to you (political views, spirituality, etc). For every one of the haters, there may be 100 people who love you for it. And even if not, remember what happened after some people in the Southern United States burned all their Beatles records and memorabilia? That’s right; They realized they missed the music and had to buy the same records all over again!

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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