That is the question.

Your Facebook Posts Should Be UnIQuE! Don’t treat Twitter, Facebook, and email newsletters as separate streams for the same content. Give users of each platform unique experiences. Otherwise, there is no point in them following you across multiple social media.

A site like allows you to make one post that populates all your social media profiles. That’s convenient and will save you time and headaches, but you’re not giving your fans anything new at that point. You’re just beating them over the head with the same stuff. Also, you’ll find it harder to track and respond to comments on a post, because they’ll be spread across multiple sites. If you’re heading into some down-time, vacation, or a band-hiatus, and don’t plan on making frequent updates to any of your profiles, sure, use It’ll simplify your life and your fans probably won’t be annoyed since posts will be rare.

But if you’re in the full swing of your music career, instead of posting duplicate or triplicate content, try to use each platform for something different. Maybe Facebook is great for sharing tour photos and short, behind-the-scenes recording documentaries. Maybe Twitter is best for quick updates on where your band is eating while traveling. Maybe your blog is the best place to share new tracks and ask for feedback on half-written songs. There is no proven method, but try things out and see how you can use each social network for what it best enables.

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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