Making your Facebook band page the snazziest on the block, may not be the most effective way of gaining album sales. Granted, there are some cool tools out there that allow you to brand your Facebook page and make it pretty, but it’s important to pay attention to how people experience a Facebook page before you focus too much on the page itself.

Remember that once someone “Likes” your Facebook page, they will rarely come back to your page to visit. This is because all your status updates will now flow through their news feed. This means that they won’t see your purchase links and promotions unless you post them into your status update. The CD Baby artists we’ve seen having the most success on Facebook use their status updates to drive sales.

Now don’t go spamming your fan base with 20 updates a day. And try to think of something more creative to write then “Buy My Album” every time you post.

When you do post a bit of news or a concert date, just add your CD Baby album page link at the end, and Facebook will automatically pull in your album cover and a description from CD Baby providing a nice link to your purchase page. You’ll be pleased with the results.

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