What's it like to be an independent hip-hop artist in 2015?
Photo of Chicago rapper A-Cross.

Pigeons and Planes asked the same two questions of twenty contemporary indie musicians (most of them hip-hop artists) who are making things happen without the help of a major label:

1. What advice would you give other independent artists?

2. What do you hate most about the industry?

P&P sets up the artists’ responses saying, “Suffice to say the music industry provokes a lot of feelings, from white-hot rage to a peaceful acceptance. Starting a career in music on your own is hard, but you’re never really alone: advice from other artists will always be helpful.”

So check out what Cam Sheely, Jay Bel, Fresh Moss, Aria Lanelle, Tuck, A-Cross, and many other artists have to say about being independent in 2015.

And then let us know in the comments below — what advice would YOU give other indie artists? What do you hate most about the industry? 

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