Podcasts for musicians

Catch up on the year’s best podcast episodes for independent musicians.

Twelve years and hundreds of episodes later, Kevin Breuner and I still find the occasional hour to talk through the latest trends in music distribution, promotion, and monetization. You’ll usually hear us get real about the ongoing wins and losses in our own musical lives too.

From the photo above, it also appears that after a decade recording this podcast, we finally have a uniform: #TeamDenim. 

If you have downtime during the holidays, spend it with us. Listen and subscribe on: 

Start with these five episodes:

1. Before you choose your artist or band name, listen to this!

2. Twenty-five ways you’re sabotaging your music career

3. How to find a producer that won’t drive you mad

4. Five things that can crush the soul of a musician (and how to avoid them)

5. How to dominate in a niche market


If you have a holiday break, have a good one!