Sheet music printingMake more money from your music — sell it as sheet music

A couple year ago, Beck released an entire album’s worth of new material as sheet music. No official recordings. Just the paper and notation. Thousands of artists around the globe interpreted that sheet music to make their own own versions of the songs. it was a huge success — as an artistic achievement, as a PR story, and as a way for Beck to open up his creative process to collaborate with fans.

But you don’t have to be as famous as Beck to make money selling sheet music of your original tunes. Jazz composers, new age pianists, folk singers, and yes — even indie rockers — are selling sheet music. And now CD Baby has partnered with Digital Print Publishing (a service of Sheet Music Plus) to help you sell sheet music too.

Every month, Sheet Music Plus has over 3 millions visitors looking to buy music — and now they can buy and play yours. It’s free to list your music on Sheet Music Plus, and you can create a free Digital Print Publishing account HERE.

Just upload a PDF of your music in any form of notation (sheet music, tablature, handwritten music, etc.), set your price, and start selling. You retain 100% of your rights and the deal is non-exclusive, so you’re free to sell sheet music anywhere else you like too. With Sheet Music Plus, you earn a royalty on every sale — 45% of the selling price.

Visit to sign up now.

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[Sheet music image from Shutterstock.]