Declining album sales[This article was written by guest contributor Praverb.]

Every artist deals with declining album sales. It usually happens after the buzz that follows your album release fades or all your new content dries up.

Some believe that piracy plays a role while others suggest that the new music industry thrives on streaming singles.

Maybe obscurity prevents you from selling more albums, or maybe the mixing and mastering of your music was off. Maybe your inability to sell more is based on your lack of money for promotion.

Whatever the cause of your low sales, one thing is certain: the process of recording, releasing, and marketing your music is stressful.

Below I will detail five reasons you should remain upbeat despite low or declining album sales. 

1. You are a creative beast 

So your album didn’t achieve the sales numbers that you wanted. Who cares! Keep at it. Keep on thinking of innovative ways to get your content in front of people. Think of ways to extend the buzz for your album. Utilize available resources and take risks. And most of all, keep creating and releasing music.

2. You are constantly learning

Every time you release new music, you are learning about what works and what doesn’t work. Releasing music is an experimental process; sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail. Maybe you did not build enough anticipation with your singles or maybe you didn’t send a compelling enough announcement to your mailing list. You will learn something new with each single or album launch. Write down what you learned and think of solutions for each problem.

3. You are making an impact 

There is a song on your album that is applicable to someone’s life. Music is powerful; it has the ability to alter mood. Your words, your chords, your drums, your vocal energy — it can uplift someone from a state of depression. Your art or your music is inspirational. You never know what will resonate with people.

4. You are maturing as a person (and as an artist)

An album should be an audio snapshot of your life. Be proud to share your view of the world. Your reflective journey through sound highlights where you have been and where you are going.

5. You are thankful

You truly appreciate your role as a musician. You truly understand the power of your words, the power of your testimony. You appreciate the people that invest time and money towards your dream. You are positive despite low album sales. You understand that you are one fan away from a viral hit. You understand that you are one email away from a licensing deal.

In conclusion, smile more. Learn to appreciate your impact as an artist. You are extremely talented and deserve to be ecstatic about your career.

Your turn, how do you remain upbeat despite low or stagnant album sales?

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one… ツ

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