Do you think fan funding is over for musicians?

We want to hear your thoughts about fan-funding for musicians.

We’re about to record an episode of the DIY Musician Podcast on the state of crowdfunding, and we’d love your input.

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With the collapse of PledgeMusic, the risks of crowdfunding now seem more pronounced:

  • There’s no guarantee your campaign will succeed.
  • It’s a ton of work.
  • Some audiences have grown tired of the concept.
  • And now artists might worry about getting paid even IF they reach their funding goals.

All this has got me wondering, is crowdfunding dead?

And if so, what’s next? What are the main ways that musicians today fund their creative projects?

What’s your take on crowdfunding for musicians?

As I said, we’re gonna be recording a podcast episode on this topic and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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