Ariel Bloomer shares her brain-hacking techniques for musicians

How to Turn Your Pain Into Art.

The band Icon for Hire got signed. They went on a giant tour. They went bankrupt. They went indie. Then they crowdfunded, asking for a little, but receiving a LOT.

Because their fans are hard core.

When singer Ariel Bloomer realized that a lot of her audience struggled with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and suicidal thinking, she also realized why that audience was so fiercely loyal — because her music was SERVING them. She’d transformed her own pain into art that helped her fans feel less alone, more connected, more hopeful.

But she didn’t start off being able to do that. She had to DEAL with her own pain, learn skills for healthier living, and figure out how to get out of her own way as an artist.

How pain (and moving through it) can make you healthier and more successful in your creative business.

In this inspiring talk from the DIY Musician Conference, Ariel talks about how her current success and happiness are built upon a massive education in dealing with pain. For her, it was debilitating depression that “turned up the volume of suffering” enough to the point where she was forced to address it head-on.

In confronting her pain, she not only found healthier ways of existing in the world, but also ways of being more productive in her music career, and how to better serve her fans.

What holds most musicians back?

Ariel goes into detail on a number of common fears, excuses, and habits (both mental, emotional, and physical) that are preventing you from reaching your potential and connecting with your audience.

How do you get out of your own way as a musician?

In this video Ariel Bloomer shares the brain-hacking techniques that changed her life and career. Check it out and get inspired.

A note for the skeptical: this isn’t about some”law of attraction” mindset.