Are you too young to write deep songs?It’s a ridiculous question, I know — and of course the answer is no!

You can probably think of a dozen artists right now off the top of your head who creatively peaked on their first or second album.

Hell, The Beatles had pretty much run their course by the time the Fab Four started hitting 30.



There’s also something that can happen with age: call it depth, wisdom, world-weariness, experience, or just a “who gives a damn, I’ve been around long enough to follow my instincts instead of trends” attitude.

Which brings us to:

I saw this short video clip of an interview with songwriter Aimee Mann on the Sonicbids Blog and immediately thought of some of our previous age-related posts, including:

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Letter to a young songwriter

Certain things in the music industry do get more difficult as you age, but if you’re lucky, songwriting can be one area where you continue to shine brighter and brighter.

If you’re a young songwriter, do you find yourself worrying about reception, trends, and being “cool” — possibly to the detriment of your music?

If you’re an older songwriter, has your skill improved with age?

I’d love to hear your perspectives in the comments below.

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