Top 3 Last-Minute Holiday Promo Tips

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The clock is ticking. The elves have already started packing Santa’s sleigh. But there are a few things you can still do to capture Holiday sales.

1. Buy One – Get One Free

Use CD Baby’s quantity discount to encourage fans to buy two discs for the price of one. Then they’ll have a gift for someone on their list, too. If they’re remotely interested in purchasing your music in the first place, this bargain could seal the deal.

2. Run a Limited-Time Holiday Sale

Announce to your email list and social networking friends that from now until the Holidays you’ll be selling your discs on CD Baby for a reduced cost. Then, after the holidays, just go back into your account and raise the price again.

3. Think Tribally to Extend Your Reach

Everyone loves End-of-Year Best-Of lists. Everyone loves gift guides. Write a top-10 list of your favorite local music and share it with your fans. See if some of the bands you recommend will return the favor and plug your music to THEIR fans.

Oh, and with all 3 of these tips, tell EVERYONE! Email your fans. Tweet about it. Post a link to your CD Baby page in Facebook. Don’t be shy.

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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  • I like the third idea. Plus, it's free, so that's a definite bonus.

  • These are great tips, thanks!

  • Running the Buy One Get One Free worked for me. We sold 17 CDs in one day! Thanks CD Baby!

  • All of these ideas sound great but where do you go in your CD Baby account to setup the buy one get one free?

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Hey there,

      If you log into your members account, you'll find it in the Quantity Discount section of the Pricing page for your album/single.

  • Blackpug

    @Chris R:
    I don't see a "Buy One Get One Free" option in the Quantity Discount section of the pricing page, it just lists percentages: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%.

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      We don't have a "Buy One Get One Free" setting, but if you set a 50% discount,…. it becomes the same thing.

  • Blackpug

    Thanks. But I think a "Buy One Get One Free" button would be more attractive to buyers.

  • Elsalvador

    @Chris R:

    Dumb question… How is it Buy One Get One Free if their paying, lets say, 8.99 for the first copy and then 50% off the second one. Their getting 2 copies for like 13.50 approx. not 2 for 8.99… Please break it down for me because clearly I'm missing something 🙂


    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Actually, the quantity discount price applies to BOTH copies. So they'd both be 50% off. So 2 on sale for 50% off equals the price of 1.

  • i totally agree..a buy on get one free button would close the deal..cdbaby can you make one..not just for this time of year but for all year round.i'd like to sell some cds this way..

  • Elsalvador

    Ok good. Thanks!

  • Elsalvador

    Also, so technically the band doesn't really get any money with this promotion, just CD Baby right?

  • Chris R. at CD Baby

    Yes. You're right. We still keep our same cut with percentage-discount and reduced-price sales.

  • Just a thought: By designing an actual 'BUY ONE GET ONE FREE' link, sales could be even higher. Many who would buy but don't need a distinct user-friendly option to do so.