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Curious how to add or change a bio on your Spotify artist profile?

You can now make those edits yourself within your Spotify for Artists account!

Previously all bios were provided to Spotify by an external database managed by Rovi and you needed to submit your information to their editorial team for consideration.

Note: Rovi, TiVo, AllMusic, All Music Guide, and AMG are all names you might hear associated with the company that manages certain music metadata for Spotify, iTunes, etc. It gets confusing, but don’t worry about, because…

Now Spotify gives you a tool to change your bio directly whenever you like so you can speak for yourself, keep things fresh, and communicate directly with your fans about almost anything (your newest release, your career highlights, or your favorite burrito recipe).

And with a 1500 character limit, you’ve got quite a lot of space to tell your story.

Note: artist press photos will STILL be provided to Spotify from the external database, though you can always change your profile’s header image within your Spotify for Artists account.

Here’s how to change your Spotify bio

Follow these steps and recommendations from the Spotify for Artists Blog:

  1. Open Spotify for Artists, go to Profile, and scroll down to the text field under “Artist Bio.”
  2. Write whatever you want! We recommend a creative bio that helps fans get to know you better, but seriously go nuts.
  3. Link to anything on Spotify. You can paste Spotify links directly into the text field, or just use the @ symbol to link to whatever you want—artists or albums that inspire you, or playlists you’re featured on, or other artists you’ve collaborated with.
  4. Add a link to your Wikipedia page for fans who want to dig deeper.

One important note: If you’ve currently got a Rovi bio, once you add your own bio description, you can’t get your original Rovi bio back. As with all content, your bio needs to follow Spotify’s guidelines.

This is happy news to me, since I’ve been wanting to update my bio on Spotify for a long time (without having to go through the whole All Music submission process for a new release). Are you excited? What will you use that space to say? Let me know in the comments.

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  • cswappo

    BOUT TIME! Follow my band on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/artist/0l2AkNAmZqQeyEXyrqGufd

  • Hey Chris,

    I stumbled upon this new addition on Spotify for Artists earlier this week and took full advantage of it. I added the short version of my bio (two paragraphs) with some Spotify links to my previous band and artists I’ve produced. I also added my website address at the end where fans can see the full version of my bio or to just learn more. I’m thinking about adding a playlist section linking to all the playlists I’m featured on… nice to see Spotify allowing more control over our artist profiles.


    Please consider following…Thanks!

  • Linda Vee Sado

    Thx Didn’t know I could add links in the bio section and explains why I can’t upload photos other than the header

  • Seth Arp

    I was SO excited they rolled out this feature! It’s been frustrating to not have one there for people discovering my music. I’m using more of a long form bio for Spotify than I use in my emails to venues/promoters/etc or elevator pitches. I always love reading through bands’ bios that talk deeper into their history and sound, so I’ve crafted mine to do the same. Spotify is getting so much better at letting independent musicians have creative control over their profiles. You can check out my band Ego Mechanics (and our bio) on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6DnR94qqjfBxRPaxfcnRUb

  • Scott Balsai

    I clicked on your “Spotify for Artists” link but I found no button for “Profile”…?

    • Have you signed up with Spotify for Artists and gotten verified? Once you do, and once you’re logged in and verified, you should see this option.

      • Scott Balsai

        They’re playing my music. I even receive royalties daily (as minute as they may be). Doesn’t that mean I am “signed up” ?

        • Your music is available on Spotify, yes. But in order to be “verified” you have to take some additional steps. Once you do, you get to control your artist profile on the platform.

  • Wow! This is awesome! I was just hoping that my application would eventually get processed by AllMusic, but I wasn’t aware this was in the works. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention!!

    • Totally. Beats having to wait for the AllMusic process to finish up (if you’re lucky enough to get your info accepted by them in the first place).

  • I really don’t think there’s any rules. Since these are changeable whenever, I get the feeling that artists will use it as a chance to talk to their fans about what’s new, so I would say you’re totally fine using the 1st person.

  • Good news. You no longer need 250 followers to be verified: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/music-news/no-longer-need-250-followers-spotify-get-verfied/

  • Wicked! Thanks for listening/reading.

  • I can’t remember if there was a waiting period, but it sounds like there might be. Looks like you wrote this over the weekend. Have you gotten access since?

  • Oh, thanks. Glad to be of help. Hope to see you in Nashville in 2018!

  • Spotify doesn’t make playlists automatically searchable. They have to get some traction first. I would recommend clicking the ellipses next to your playlist, click “share,” then grab the playlist URI or URL, and enter THAT into the field on your Spotify for Artists account page where it’s asking which playlist you want to feature.

  • The follow-for-follow approach has worked well for artists on this blog, but just to let you know, you no longer need 250 followers to be a verified artist on Spotify. Here’s the details: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/music-news/no-longer-need-250-followers-spotify-get-verfied/

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  • The lefthand sidebar of your Spotify for Artists account on a browser should show:



    So it’s under that “Tools” section.

    Follow me to the end of the rainbow on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, or subscribe to my newsletter and get a free PDF of my poetry chapbook: I Say Potato, You Say Apocalypse.