SoundCloud woes: two offices closing and big layoffs

SoundCloud cuts, laying off employees and closing two offices
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SoundCloud — ya know, that place where you upload your new songs ahead of their release so you can share tracks privately with bloggers — is making some significant cuts: closing their San Francisco and London offices, and laying off 173 employees.

What does this mean? Well, according to a TechCrunch article, it’s not necessarily a doomsday sign, but either a voluntary cost-cutting measure (as SoundCloud claims) or a condition laid down by potential investors. In any event, though they’ve struggled to become profitable, SoundCloud should be around at least for the near future.

Do you use SoundCloud? If so, how? Do you use it only to share tracks, or are you part of an artist community on the platform? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • KRNichols

    I just joined SoundCloud as I hear it’s the “place to be” if you’re an indie musician. So I’m still figuring it out, but I have just advertised it as just another link where distributers, license companies, and fellow musicians can find and play my stuff/share it around.

  • I use it as a promotional tool. I put all my music up there. I’m not sure how much it actually grows my fan base, however. There’s not much available there in the way of reporting or earning revenue.

  • MarjorieM

    As a composer, I use it to publicize my CD baby albums by posting a selection of tracks on SoundCloud. I also post home demos when I write something new, to get feedback on it and also because I can send a link to my fellow band members if, (most common example) I’ve written a new waltz I want us to play. It’s very nice to send around pdf files of the sheet music but I think it’s helpful if they can hear how I play it on piano.