CD Baby at SXSW 2015: four panels, one official showcase, dozens of artists

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CD Baby SXSW showcase 2015

South by Southwest is just around the corner, and this year CD Baby is bringing a mammoth helping of  indie awesomeness to Austin.

The Official SXSW CD Baby Showcase

For starters, our showcase on Friday, March 20th promises to (at the very least) leave some scuff marks on the fabric of spacetime.

It’ll kick off at 8pm at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room (on 6th and Trinity), and features sets from Doug Burr, Summer Cannibals, Chaos Chaos, Olivver the Kid, Sadat X, and Black Milk.

Then there’s the panels. Four of ’em, as follows:

1. Indie Revenue Streams Breaking Through: Real Data

CD Baby’s CEO Tracy Maddux moderates this panel that aims to check the pulse of how independent artists and labels are generating revenue in today’s music industry.

Tracy will also appear as a panelist on…

2. Be Your Own CEO

Learn about  creative and insightful ways for artists, content creators and songwriters to launch and maintain a career in today’s complicated and ever-challenging marketplace.

3. Micro-Licensing: The Fast Growing Future of Sync

CD Baby’s VP of Marketing Kevin Breuner will speak on this panel about a growing revenue stream that leverages the power of the masses who are looking for music to soundtrack the videos they upload to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

4. Self-Releasing for Success

Ben Hubbird (CD Baby Digital Marketing & Label Relations) will appear on this panel discussing the pros and cons of self-releasing, strategies for a successful self-release, and the future of artist-owned recordings in the music industry of tomorrow.

Dozens (maybe even 100+) CD Baby bands performing during SXSW

Are you one of them? When and where are your showcases, parties, or unofficial events? Let us know in the comments below. Oh, and please stop by our showcase or one of our panel discussions and say hi!

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  • Int’l Touring Rock/Funk/Pop Trio Olio from L.A. is playing in Austin during Music Week! 3/17 Red Gorilla Fest @ Dizzy Rooster (3pm) and 3/18 Music Gorilla Fest Burnside’s Tavern (2pm)!

  • Kevin Wood

    Do all of these panels require a SXSW badge for attendance? Thanks for posting, Chris!

  • Ryan

    The 14ers ( are playing at 4:30 PM 3/20 at the 512 on 6th as part of the unofficial showcase the Coming by? Do we need an official badge for your panels? Or are cdbaby/hostbaby costumers snuck past the velvet rope? 😉

  • Dale Edward

    I’m, D. Edward, playing the Balanced Breakfast SXSW Showcase on Tuesday 3/17 at the Jackalope 404 E. 6th St. Austin TX. My set is 2:45p-3:10p.

  • My official SXSW is on Friday March 20th from 9:00 to 9:40 PM at Javelina, 69 Rainey Street, Austin, TX.
    We will also play at Guero’s on Congress on Friday March 20th from 3:45 to 4:15 PM at the AMIGOS INTERNACIONALES party. Hope to see everyone on the dance floor. Thank you CD Baby!!!!! Ay Ay Ay!!!! We’re heading to SXSW…….Joe King Carrasco y Los Side FX

  • Alfred Banks

    I’m a Cdbaby artist. Alfred Banks (Registered with Cdbaby as Lyriqs da Lyraciss) I’m performing March 20th at 6pm. Music Madness Stage. Venue is Aussie’s Grill and Bar. 306 BARTON RD. My Instagram/Twitter is @Underdogcentral & My website is Thanks!!

  • Help @gcnmusic get our next gig by Requesting us @springboardfest or on their wall!

  • GCN has been selected to showcase there talent during SXSW in Austin for @musicgorilla,
    come party with us at the Burnside Tarven on 6th 03/21/2015 @ 12pm.

  • Wicked. That’s right before our showcase, so I’m not sure what we’ll need to be doing preparation-wise for our event, but I’ll make sure everyone knows about your set. Thanks for posting.


  • Nice. Won’t be able to make the official showcase, because it’s at the same time as the one we’re hosting, but hopefully some CD Baby folks can stop by your afternoon one. Thanks for letting us know!


  • Nice. Thanks for letting us know. Also, is that the best named venue in the world? Yes!


  • Sweet! Thanks for letting us know.


  • We are a CD Baby artist, The Invisible World will be there playing six free showcases throughout the week. See you folks there!!

  • Cool. Options! Thanks for sharing.


  • Nice. Thanks for sharing the details. See you in Austin!


    • Are there any open slots at CDbaby showcase if there is we would love to preform.

  • Come and see Benny Turner and Real Blues at The Lucky Lounge at 11PM on 3/17!

  • The Hello Strangers

    Hello, we’re The Hello Strangers, CD Baby Americana artists and are playing 9 shows in Austin during SXSW: check it all out here: or below!

    March 18th @ 12:00 PM:
    3rd Coast Music’s Showcase @ AMELIA’S ( FREE SHOW
    @ 9:00 PM:
    OPA’s 6th Annual Radio-thon with Big Kev Ploghoft ( FREE SHOW
    @ 11:00 PM:
    3rd Coast Music’s Showcase @ G&S LOUNGE ( FREE SHOW

    March 19 @ 9:00 PM:
    Bill Wence Promotions’ SXSW Showcase @ CHEATHAM STREET STATION in SAN MARCOS, TX ( FREE SHOW

    March 20 @ 3:00 PM: Sun Radio Day Party Broadcast @ EL MERCADO SOUTH ( FREE SHOW
    @ 6:00 PM: 3rd Coast Music’s “All Woman All Day” Showcase @ G & S LOUNGE
    @ 10:00 PM: 3rd Coast Music’s “All Woman All Day” Showcase @ GIDDY UPS ( FREE SHOW

    March 21 @ 7:00 PM:
    The Brooklyn Country Cantina @ LICHA’S CANTINA (
    @ 11:00 PM: 3rd Coast Music’s Showcase @ GIDDY UPS ( FREE SHOW

  • Patrick Smith

    CD Baby band Slop Musket will be performing at the Crushkill Recordings Showcase Tuesday March 17th at The Nook Amphitheater. 5pm – 9pm FREE!!!

  • ShySpeaks

    This is ShySpeaks, and I am a CD BABY artist who will perform at an official showcase on Thursday at 6:50pm. Search #KE2015 for more details.

  • Rondell Parham

    Cd baby artist T.R.I.G.G.A @ Beautiful you fashion performance tour
    Holiday Inn Town Lake, Austin, Tx
    Dwe Records …instagram/rondellparham,,

  • BoboSwenson

    It’s great to talk about all the new revenue streams and new ways of getting exposure, but at the same time kind of ‘snake oil salesman’ like to promote the implication that there’s big bucks to be made if you just follow the new road map for today’s indie artist.
    The truth is, the vast majority, like 95 percent of the bands out there will only ever spend money at it. On the next tier up from that are the small percentage who make a little money from it, or some kind of moderate living. And then after you cross the great barren desert that used to be the middle class in the music business you reach the tiny fraction of the 1% who are really making money.

    I’m all for pursuing your dream, especially when it’s about pouring yourself into something you love, but goading the masses of wannabes with a modern day version of “there’s gold in them thar hills” is not any different than pitching a pyramid scheme.
    I prefer to give young musicians the reality check, and then if they still feel passionate about going forward it’s rooted in something far more substantial than some BS someone sold them about the music business that has nothing to do with the actual reality, especially of what it is today.

  • Awesome. Break a leg tonight!


  • Sorry. It was booked months ago. You having in fun in Austin?


  • Damn. You’re in the middle of it all right now. Break legs!


    • The Hello Strangers

      Thanks @ChrisRobley!

  • Shoot. Sorry for late response here. Been a crazy week. I think they DO require badges.