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Grammy_BlogWe have a ton of great artists on, but we’re always made especially happy when our artists get public acknowledgment for their music. And there’s basically nothing more prestigious in the music world than winning a Grammy, so we want to publicly congratulate this year’s winners:

David Darling – Best New Age Album – Prayer for Compassion –

Buck Howdy – Best Spoken Word Album for Children – Aaaaah! –

Jeff “Tain” Watts – Best Improvised Jazz Solo (for the song “Dancin’ 4 Chicken”) – Watts –

Congratulations on the wins and to all the CD Baby artists nominated for a Grammy this year!

Kitaro – Impressions of the West – Best New Age Album –

Henta – Laserium for the Soul – Best New Age Album –

Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra – Polka Cola – Best Traditional Folk Album –

Buck Howdy – Pete Seeger Tribute – Best Musical Album for Children –

Quartet San Francisco – QSF Plays Brubeck – Best Classical Crossover Album and Best Engineered Album, Classical –

Splitting Adam – Splitting Adam – Best Recording Package –

Chembo Corniel – Things I Wanted to Do – Best Latin Jazz Album –

John Two-Hawks – Wind Songs – Best Native American Music Album –

Anne Walsh – Pretty World – Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) (for the song “In the Still of the Night”) –

John Santos Y El Coro Folklorico Kindembo – La Guerro No – Best Traditional World Music Album –

The Greencards – Fascination – Best Country Instrumental Performance (for the song “Crystal Merchant”) –

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  • Congratulations to all.

  • Congratulations to the GRAMMY winners and nominees. A special shout out of thanks goes to CD Baby for providing independent musicians with a reliable outlet for their music.

  • We are excited to announce that The Wicked Pitches' most recent album, Think Twice, just received a CARA nomination for Best Jazz Album. The other nominated groups are Riltons Vänner, The Real Group, and The Swingle Singers. We are proud to be in such esteemed company. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners on April 1 (no foolin!).

  • Congratulations to all GRAMMY winners and nominees. Please invite your eligible colleagues to become members of The Recording Academy and participate in this exciting process. Once rare, indy artists are now having a growing presence at the GRAMMYs. Most CD Baby artists are eligible to join. Call your local chapter for more information.
    –Juan Dies, NARAS Chicago Board of Governors/Membership Committee.

  • Congrats to all. Not on this list but Wolf Trap Opera's "Volpone" was also nominated this year in the Best Opera Recording.

  • while i myself did not win a grammy, i am a cdbaby artist ( and my "sonic fabric" – a textile i weave from recorded audiocassette tape – was worn on the red carpet by grammy winner jason mraz!

  • Ban

    Wow, heartiest congratulations to all nominees and of course winners! Didn't even know there were so many nominations from CD Baby. Great job, people! Keep it up, CD Baby folks! Kudos!!!

  • did you check my song at my sight and cd baby

  • jeannie

    Question: how does one get nominated for a grammy. I mean, is there a specific process that has to be gone through or does a fan just say, "I want to nominate so and so…" and that's it. Just wondering… If someone at cdbaby or anyone knows, I'd be so appreciative it you could post it here or let me know.
    Thanks! 🙂 jw

  • admin


    I believe they have all the info about being nominated at their website –

  • I've been all over the internet and can't find a complete list of winners. All they do is tell me about Lady GaGa's hairdo or someone's sunglasses. I only had two dogs in this hunt. Did Ramblin' Jack Elliott or Jonathan Winters win? Thanks.

    Tony Vice

  • Congratulations to All Grammy winners and nominees.

  • Hi Jeannie,
    Explaining how one gets nominated for a GRAMMY is probably too lengthy to explain here.

    Basically, first a member of The Recording Academy needs to submit an eligible recording to the awards. You can become a voting member of the academy if your name appears on the credits of a nationally distributed release (Check with your local NARAS Chapter for details: you have to be listed on several tracks within the past few years, etc. The annual fee for joining the academy is $100 and there's a lot more to it than the awards).

    While you have to be a member to vote and to submit a recording, you don't have to be a member to be nominated. An "eligible" recording needs to be "widely available" for purchase in the U.S. Most CD Baby artists whose product is distributed by iTunes and Amazon are probably eligible.

    All submissions go through a screening committee formed by members who test each submission for eligibility and proper category placement. Next, the entire membership gets a list of every submission and does the a first round of votes.

    The top fifteen contenders of each of the 110+ existing categories go on to a nominating committee formed by an group of members who are experts in each category and who listen to each of the top 15 recordings on each category and vote anonymously on five "Nominees."

    Nominees are announced at a big press conference and all nominees are invited to attend the GRAMMY Awards Ceremony and walk on the fancy carpet and all. I have been nominated twice and it is an incredible experience.

    If you are a recording artist you should become a member of The Recording Academy. It is not just the glamour and glitz of the GRAMMY awards. The Recording Academy does a lot more. They help musicians in need through the MusicCares Foundation, they lobby congress for the rights of recording professionals, and they have a huge education initiative for young people. They've also just opened an incredible museum in Los Angeles.

    The Recording Academy is open to all people in the recording industry: musicians, engineers, producers, etc.

    DISCLOSURE: I am not on their payroll. I volunteer as a member of the board of governors in my local chapter.

    Juan Dies
    Sones de Mexico Ensemble
    Chicago, IL

    • Deborah Magone

      Juan THank You for Your insight. It was very helpful. Is there an information source to help us with the “marketing aspect” of this process? What’s the best way to focus our marketing efforts if we are an unknown ?

  • CDBaby and certain musicians were wrong in mentioning that their music got nominated for Grammys. This is a misrepresentation of the real facts. Musicians like myself who are voting members of the Grammys Recording Academy have first to SUBMIT their albums for CONSIDERATIONS in certain musical categories of the Grammys RECORDING ACADEMY. This process is NOT CALLED NOMINATION AT ALL. The LEGAL TERM that Grammys Recording Academy lawyers use is "SUBMITTED FOR CONSIDERATION in certain musical categories". If any artist is caught misrepresenting the fact of nomination he or she will be prosecuted by the Academy lawyers. Actually anybody could email the Grammys Recording Academy lawyers to inform them of this misrepresentation and the lawyers WILL GET AFTER THOSE ARTISTS WHO "CLAIM" NOMINATIONS. CDBaby know your legal facts before bragging because you and the artists might be in for unpleasant surprises. If you check my website you'll see that albums mentioned on my page as "SUBMITTED FOR CONSIDERATION" and NOT "NOMINATED" for "Best Album of the Year." A word of advice to musicians. BE CAREFUL in what you claim. Thanks.
    Jack Warner

  • admin

    That's funny because if you go to this page – They call all the people nominated "Nominees" which is different than "submitting for consideration."

    BTW – For those of you looking, that page contains the entire list of nominees –

  • I just called the Grammys Award Department to confirm the information that I have given you in my comment regarding nominations and considerations. So here it is for the whole world to see. This is for the benefits of all musicians and distributors such as CDBaby company etc… Here is the simple explanation of the process of submissions and nominations and the difference between them. This is an exact copy and paste message from an email that was sent to me by the Grammy a few minutes ago:

    "Hi Jack,
    Thanks for your call.
    1) Submission of product on our online entry system which leads to our “Entry List.” IMPORTANT: because your name is on the Entry List you are NOT a nominee; you are in CONSIDERATION.
    2) List then goes out to voting members for the 1st voting ~ when these results come back the top 5 in each category are announced ~ these are NOMINEES.
    3) List of nominees goes out to voting members for 2nd voting ~ when these results come back the GRAMMY winners are announced on the night of the GRAMMY show.
    Take care,
    (name deleted for privacy)
    Awards Department"

    I hope this should help any unpleasant surprises for the musicians and distributors now and in the future.

  • admin


    Not sure what your point is, because everyone we listed in our article WAS nominated for a Grammy. If you're referring to artists asking, "How do I get nominated?" Well, that's just mixing words.

  • Congrats to all. David Miles Huber's "colabs" was also nominated for best surround sound album:

    • Colabs
    David Miles Huber, surround mix engineer; David Miles Huber, surround mastering engineer; David Miles Huber, surround producer (David Miles Huber, Allen Hart, DJ Muad’Deep, Seren Wen, Musetta, Henta, Marcell Marias & Gail Pettis)

  • What would be something special for every one is to have the opportunity at least to be nominated for Grammy in a catogory! I suppose the award would be simply based on CDBaby sales or hits?

    Myself I think Elias.T.hoth should be nominated as best CD Baby Southern Rock band with my album "let sleepin demons lie" but then again I would would'nt Ilol!

    I think it would be good idea and something to really aspire to a CD Grammy ward!


  • Well Done people! I'm really happy for ya 🙂 Hope to be there some time next year! Keep up d g8 work and keep d music flowing – Love Adie xxx -> my 1st CD Album for sale on CD Baby. 2nd one in the making. Check out my new single IF I WERE YOU on these links:

    iTunes USA:

    Rhapsody USA:




  • Bryant

    HELP? According to the GRAMMY WEBSITE FAQs page,if your album is just on CDbaby and Amazon, it is not considered COMMERCIALLY released, so you can't submit it for consideration.???? But looks like lot's of CDbaby albums have been nominated. ????? Grammy's FAQs page says: Quote:

    Only recordings that are COMMERCIALLY RELEASED in the United States are eligible for consideration.
    What is a ‘commercial’ release?
    Any album released and sold in a record store or on the Internet on a non-consignment basis.

    What is ‘consignment’ distribution?
    Sales at venues, on personal Web sites, Web sites such as,,, and any Web site where albums are not purchased in advance for sale to the general public, but rather sold individually on behalf of the artist.


  • admin


    That does sound odd as I'm pretty sure I've seen artists get nominated with just a CD selling on CD Baby. Regardless of that, we get your music on iTunes and all the other digital retailers which satisfies their requirements for consideration.

  • A great look for CD Baby and it's artist. Keep up the good work.

  • Jim

    This is a new response to an old post, but I just have to respond to Jack Warner. Dude I went to your site and wow! I think a little more humility on your part would actually get those of us who are members of NARIS (Grammy's) to deal with you a little more seriously. It's not the musicianship in questions – just the tone and attitude.

    Basically old chap it looks as if you really don't need the exposure The Grammy's provide. According to your site "you've done it all single handedly."
    Just an observation. Good luck with being "Instantly Popular World Wide" (A quote from your own website.)

  • FuzzySoulTiger

    how do I submit my album for grammy consideration? i put out my first album earlier 2011!

    • I believe the rules for nomination are listed somewhere in the FAQ on the Grammy's website.

  • David Cevoli

    I love you guys, and I´m happy for these indie artists, but here´s what I think: CD Baby needs to come up with some event to promote independent music sales, the same way that the Grammys promote sales of corporate-produced radio candy. A CD Baby event to celebrate the best indie music put out every year. No electoral process, purely statistics-driven awards. And don´t use the word “best”… just give out awards for most sales, most youtube hits, most views on the CD Baby website, or whatever. The CD Baby Music Awards or something. Thoughts?

  • If think our time, energy, and resources would be better spent developing new tools and opportunities that helped all independent artists, not just the ones that sold the most or had the most YouTube plays. That being said, there is certainly value in an indie music awards, but many people are already defining themselves in that area, like the IMA (