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Meet Matt. He saw your band play last night. He loved you. He said so on Facebook.

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Meet Emerson. Matt and Emerson are old friends. Though they haven’t seen each other in years, they keep in touch regularly on Facebook.

Emerson is a Spotify Premium subscriber. He doesn’t download music from iTunes. He doesn’t buy CDs in stores. He doesn’t even like to stream bands’ music on their websites or Bandcamp — because that means extra searching online.

He subscribes to Spotify. He listens to Spotify.

Emerson saw Matt’s Facebook update about your band and was intrigued. He went to Spotify to check you out — and your music wasn’t there!

“Ahh,” he said. “Another band with no music on Spotify. I don’t get why they can’t just put a couple songs up there!”

Then he saw a second Facebook post from Matt. This one was about Future Islands’ appearance on David Letterman. He clicked the video and watched it, loved it, and immediately wrote to Jess.

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Meet Jess. Jess is Emerson’s favorite cousin. She is also the music supervisor for the hottest new drama on HBO. Today Jess is searching for that perfect song to fit the closing scene of the first season — when what should appear in her inbox but Emerson’s email saying, “Hey, check out THIS TRACK. Thought you’d dig it.”


You came so close to that big sync placement which could’ve changed your career. You really did. So close, yet so far. “This track” could’ve been your song. But instead, Jess is now checking out Future Islands’ new single, and LOVING it.


Is your music on Spotify?

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[Illustrations of Matt, Emerson, and Jess from Shutterstock.]