We had an awesome time at the first-ever CD Baby DIY Musician Conference in Chicago last year, and we want to share the fun with YOU this time around.

What kind of programming can you expect? Check out our schedule of events HERE for the full deets. But that’s just one part of it.

Our favorite (and the most valuable!) aspect to the conference is the people who attend. Don’t get us wrong: You’ll learn a ton from the sessions and speakers, but nothing beats real-life experiences from folks like you who are out there making the music.

And speaking of those people, they don’t just keep it to music. Check out these videos from some of our 2015 DIY Musician Conference attendees:


Hip-hop artist Danami makes a docu-series called Danami and The Blue, and the 8th episode of the 2nd season features Danami’s trip to Chicago to attend the DIY Musician Conference. You’ll also get a window into the busy life of an indie musician working to meet his goals.

Ohene Cornelius

Ohene made a great recap video of Day 2 of the conference, soundtracked by a song of his own, “Did I Live.”

He also captured one of the impromptu jam sessions that broke out. (Those won’t happen on the floor this year – we’ve set up a dedicated jam room!)


Chicago hip-hop artist Trulyz (True Lies) got a different video of the jam session. Check out all the participants!

Xolin Media

Chicago company Xolin Media shot footage of part of Tom Jackson’s band makeover, featuring The New York Rock.

CD Baby

Don’t forget to watch our official highlight video, too.

Join us later this month in Chicago and help us create more moments like this!

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Did you go to the DIY Musician Conference last year? Tell us your favorite moment in the comments, or let us know what you’re looking forward to this year.