We’ve been hearing from tons of CD Baby artists who are using the mobile version of the members site to check sales and payment info. If you’d like quick access to even more info, you might want to grab your phone right now.

We’re excited to announce the latest update: album pages!

Users can link to album pages from a tab on the dashboard to view:

1. Artist name header(s)
2. A list of your albums (under each artist name header)
3. Album inventory
4. Monthly web hits per album

Both inventory and web hits are clickable links if you’d like to view more details.

Also, if you’re searching for information that is not displayed on the mobile site, the page will have an easy link to the full site where you can access the desktop version.

We’re excited about these updates and plan to make more in the coming year. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback as well as your suggestions for further improvements. Please feel free to email mobile@cdbaby.com or leave a comment below.