We now provide the highest artist payout of any retail site

We’re excited to let you know that starting today, you’ll be making more money from your MP3 sales at CDBaby.com. We’ve simplified our digital-download pay structure, and we did it to benefit you.

On every digital purchase (single song or album) made from CDBaby.com, you’ll get paid 75% of the selling price. That means for a single-song download priced at $0.99, CD Baby has lowered our cut, so you’ll now make a little more than $0.74 per song. That’s more than any other major retail site! And don’t forget: you can set the price to be whatever you want.

How can you best take advantage of this? Simple: encourage fans to purchase your music directly from CD Baby. We provide great tools to help you sell your music, so if you’re looking for some innovative ways to drive sales through CD Baby, you can start here:

MusicStore for Facebook – Sell your music from your Facebook page.

We hope this helps you make more money from your music this holiday season.