Spotify artist verification now open to all

Spotify Verification, now open to all

Spotify artist verification — which previously required that you have at least 250 followers on the streaming platform —  has been a hot topic on this blog.

In fact, an article I posted a few months back called “How to get your first 250 followers on Spotify” got almost 5000 comments.

Well, good news for anyone who’s been stressing over those first 250 followers: Spotify verification is now open to all artists, regardless of your following.

You can request verification on your own, and then just wait a bit for Spotify to look over the request — or, if you’re a CD Baby artist, we’ve partnered with Spotify to get you INSTANT VERIFICATION and instant access to your Spotify for Artists account. To do so, go HERE.

This change is part of Spotify’s re-branding of “Fan Insights,” now called “Spotify for Artists.” For more details, go HERE.

I’m sure some artists who’ve worked hard to get verified on Spotify will be annoyed at these changes. But as I said in a previous article, the obvious silver lining is: hey, now you have a bigger following on Spotify! And that will make a big difference the next time you release a new single or album on the platform.

And if you haven’t gotten verified yet on Spotify, go do it!