Is your music on Spotify Stations?

Spotify launches a free listening app to compete with customizable, non-interactive streaming services like Pandora…

… and your music should already be there!

That is, it should be there as long as you’ve got your music on Spotify. If not, ummm, we can help. 😉


How Spotify Stations works

It’s a little bit like Pandora Radio. Your fans can create and customize “stations” based on your music, the Spotify playlists you’ve appeared on, similar artists, your genre, and more.

All this happens on a SEPARATE, ad-supported streaming app called Spotify Stations — though users do need to have the regular ol’ Spotify app in order to log into Spotify Stations.

Free music app from Spotify
Kidz Bop? Disney? My daughter’s use of my phone has confused The Algorithm.

[Note: If you’re a Spotify subscriber, you can listen to music on Spotify Stations WITHOUT advertisements.] 

The app is pretty sleek and easy to navigate. If you’ve used Spotify for a while as a listener, your streaming history will inform what happens in Spotify Stations, and you’ll immediately see a few stations pre-populated, including Favorites — so you can jump right in.

As an artist, you’ll be paid for spins on Spotify Stations just like you would for streams on Spotify. If CD Baby is your distributor, we’ve got you covered!

See more info about Spotify Stations HERE.