Add a donation link to your HearNow promo page

We’ve all been to a show where the band sets out a tip jar so fans can help them fill the van or pay for their next Taco Bell burrito. In the current music climate where shows and physical tip jars aren’t an option, artists have had to find other ways for fans to kick them a bit of cash.

To help you out, HearNow has introduced a way for you to add a donation link to your instantly customized one-page promo site.

With this new function, you can direct your fans to the following payment sites:

Your “Support” link (as it’s called) will appear alongside links to your music on major streaming platforms, as well as links to your social profiles and website. HearNow’s new feature, along with virtual tip jar functions on platforms like Twitch and Spotify, help your fans understand how they can best contribute to your music career.

Not using HearNow yet? As a CD Baby client, you can log into your CD Baby dashboard to instantly preview what your HearNow page would look like (no coding or customization required). It’s even auto-populated with links to your music on the big streaming platforms.

Preview your HearNow promo page

Already have a HearNow promo page? Nice. It’s time to show your audience that virtual tip jar!

Here’s how to add a Support link to your HearNow page

  1. Head to the “Design and Preview” section in your account
  2. Click the “Links” button
  3. Add donation links!

Those links will appear on a new section labeled “Support links.”

First screenshot for HearNow announces donation link option on profiles

This will also create a new icon on the bottom of your page along with all of your other social links.

Second screenshot for HearNow announces donation link option on profiles

Existing HearNow users can add Support links HERE.

Not using HearNow yet?

Create an elegant smart-link for your music