Get the only app for the DIY musician community

Announcing the DIY Musician app!

Last summer at our DIY Musician Conference we tested an app that helped attendees interact during the event, learn from one another, and continue the relationships they’d made long after that weekend was over.

The app got an amazing response, and now we’re rolling it out to all independent artists!

When you use the DIY Musician App, you’ll join a community of musicians with whom you can share your questions, successes, tips, and more. We’ve got community managers who post a constant stream of articles and exclusive opportunities tailored for independent musicians like you.

But most importantly, it’s a place for YOU to shape the conversation without the noise of social-media platforms.

The app is FREE and you don’t even need to be a CD Baby artist to use it.

Curious about getting music videos made and promoted? Want to get your music on more Spotify playlists? Want to hear the actual voices of real-life independent artists and “how they did it?” This app is for you!

Getting the app is easy:

  1. Click here.
  2. Choose an email address and password to join.
  3. Follow the confirmation link emailed to you.
  4. Start using it!

You can use the app on your desktop here.

To take the conversation with you, download the iOS or Android app and log in with your email address and password.

Bonus: Grab the app today for a chance to be added to a Spotify playlist that CD Baby will promote!