Last month we told you what some of the most-covered Holiday songs were according to Limelight, the mechanical licensing clearance service that CD Baby has partnered with to help our artists. This month, Hypebot just posted the top-10 most-covered non-Holiday songs (Sorry- that is too many hyphens) in 2010, worldwide.

Check out the results HERE. I suppose they’re not that surprising. Newer artists like Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Lady Antebellum didn’t make the list. Instead, classics from the last century still reign supreme. Long live jazz standards and the Great American Songbook! Oh, and L. Cohen and John Lennon too.

So, what songs are YOU covering? What considerations are you making when you choose a cover song? Do you try to perform/record a faithful arrangement? Do you try to do some wild re-interpretation? Are the songs current or classic? Are they popular or obscure?

We’d love to hear what songs you’re covering, and more importantly WHY?

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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