New Bands, Hold Your Horses!

Patience, Grasshopper. I know that today’s fast-paced media environment encourages immediate access to content. And sure, if you think you’re sitting on a hot new song, it can’t hurt to release your first single through places like CD Baby and RootMusic to get some buzz going. But when it comes to live gigs, brand new bands might want to consider waiting a little while before introducing themselves to the world.

Why Wait?

You may have a great song. But do you have 5 great songs, songs good enough to hold an audience’s attention? Rather than setting up a show to play in front of your friends when you only have a handful of tunes under your belt, be patient. Wait another 6 months and write a dozen more songs. Then pick the best 8 of those tunes to really craft a tight set. Maybe add a cover song to the list, too.

Now Make an Impact!

Young bands don’t have to sound like novice bands, though oftentimes they do, seeming unprepared, unrehearsed, repeating every song twice to fill out the set, etc. Some of these growing pains CAN be avoided. Be patient. Hold back. Once you’ve got a solid 45-minute set under your belt, your friends and family won’t just be clapping out of politeness at your first show. You’ll come out of the gates confident, energetic, and sounding like a real band with something exciting to say.

-Chris R. at CD Baby