Over the past week, we’ve been collaborating with our friends at WeAllMakeMusic.com, Tight Mix, Mic Control, The Musician’s Guide to World Domination, and Rockethub to praise some of the great things that were done by and for independent musicians in 2010.

Here is the recap!

1) On Monday, I kicked things off by highlighting some of the innovative touring tactics that caught my attention over the last year.

2) Then Chris Bracco, writer and founder of music industry blog Tight Mix, analyzed a few of the most promising music start-ups.

3) On Tuesday, Jon Ostrow of Mic Control took a look at how artists have used music videos in innovative ways.

4) Then Marcus Taylor of The Musician’s Guide analyzed some interesting online marketing strategies that seemed promising for DIY musicians.

5) On Wednesday, Max Willens from WeAllMakeMusic.com talked about emerging technologies that will help shape the new music business.

6) Then Rockethub co-founder Brian Meece discussed some of the year’s most memorable crowd-funding moments.

7) And where would a best-of list be without a worst-of section? We kept things mostly positive, but c’mon! There is just as much to learn from the failures. So here is what happened on Thursday.

The DIY Musician Blog was happy to play a part in this project and hope you got something out of reading these articles. They show a music business in transition. They also demonstrate that, with energy, ingenuity, creativity, talent, and smarts, it is possible, more now than ever before, for independent musicians to have a powerful voice in the industry, to earn a decent living, and to continue bringing great tunes to a larger audience.
-Chris R. at CD Baby