Web Tips for Musicians


A whole season’s worth of web tips to help you smarten up your online music marketing

Well, somehow summer slipped by without me posting one of my usual monthly recaps of The HostBaby Blog. To make up for it, here are links to all the best online music marketing tips from June, July, and August — beginning with an article that addresses a website mistake too many musicians are making, and one that is sure to frustrate most of your fans and visitors.

Here are the most recent HostBaby Blog articles:

The website mistake that’s guaranteed to drive your fans away

5 things your fans want to see on your website
Email marketing for musicians: “Make sure your emails are a reference”

3 simple Analytics stats that will help you boost your web traffic

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How to create a successful online presence for your band

Make your online photos work overtime

Why your band website matters more than almost anything else

Artists! Take photos with your website in mind

6 things artists should never put on their websites

7 ways to make your website wicked user-friendly

Can all your web marketing efforts fit inside this matryoshka doll?

10 email subject line ideas for your next newsletter

Web traffic is people!

1 reason to put ads on your site, and 5 reasons not to

80+ websites to get free photos

Turn off, tune out, drop in

The easiest way to keep your web content fresh…

Musicians: six ways to update your website

For more web tips for musicians, head on over to The HostBaby Blog today!

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