Monitoring the successes and failures of your Facebook campaigns is the key to learning,tweaking and making improvements. Bitly is a valuable tool that will give you a birds-eye-view of the interests and levels of engagement of your fan base.

Use bitly to Shorten, Share and Track Your Links

Bitly, formerly known as, is a URL shortener that also helps you track info about your fans. Let’s say you want to post a link to your blog on Facebook. Normally you would just paste in the link:

But if you shorten that link with first, it will look like this:

Your new URL will be trackable and you’ll be able to view:

* how many people clicked your link.
* what time of day you get the most interactions.
* the time zones and geographical location of folks who opened your link.
* lots of other useful info.

Are your fans mostly in the US or Europe? Do they use Macs or PCs? Are they night owls or morning people? All these bits of data can help you construct a better promotional campaign for Facebook. Use bitly to get to know your fans and improve the way you interact with them.

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