What should indie artists be doing to get attention for their music in the streaming environment?

Now that streaming has been enthusiastically embraced by both music consumers and the music industry at large, many artists are shouting for the same kinds of attention on streaming platforms. This can render certain promotion strategies less potent or altogether ineffective.

So what DOES work for musicians these days? What should artists focus on when they want their songs to gain traction on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora Premium, and Deezer?

Check out the video of my conversation with Streaming Promotions’ Charles Alexander above. It’s a DIY Musician Live discussion called “Streaming at the Top of Our Lungs,” all about promoting your music in the streaming world.

Charles’ mic was having a little trouble, so my apologies for a bit of whoosh and hiss when he’s talking. But if you can hang, he’s got some great advice to share.

Some of the links discussed in the video: