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The most important metric for streaming music success is now updated daily in your CD Baby members account

The biggest predictor of a song’s success on streaming platforms — particularly Spotify — is how often it’s added to playlists.

Spotify’s algorithm is trained to look for tracks that are getting shared from playlist to playlist. It then gives those songs extra weight when considering what music to “seed” to Spotify users’ Discover Weekly or Release Radar playlists, and flags those tracks for consideration by Spotify’s in-house editorial team.

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And now, as you’re making efforts to boost your presence on streaming playlists, you’ll be able to see results in real time!

CD Baby’s trending reports — updated daily with a complete data-set about your music’s performance on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music — just got a whole lot better. We’ve added a super helpful new feature that shows you when and where your music is being placed on playlists, as well as how your listeners are accessing your music (desktop, mobile, etc.).

These easy-to-read stats and graphs give you unprecedented insight into how your music promotions are working.

Log into your CD Baby Members Account to view:

  • Trending data for Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes
  • Top performing tracks
  • Top Playlists that feature your songs
  • Top countries for listener activity
  • Top cities for listener activity
  • Device usage: Mobile/Desktop/Tablet
  • Age demographics
  • Gender data about your listeners

This window into the performance of your music can really come in handy when you’re planning a tour, using targeted ads, or picking your next single. And because the data is updated daily, you’ll have real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your promotions.

Curious if, how, and where some of your songs are finding traction on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes?

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