How Your Music Career Continues to Grow at CD Baby

Unlock new music opportunities as you build your audience

Do you want help with playlist pitching, expedited distribution, and other kinds of personalized support for your music? Ummm, is rain wet?

I’m going to assume your answer is a solid yes. Which is why I’m excited to tell you about a cool new program that could help you reach more listeners and earn more money as your music career grows.

At CD Baby, we offer EVERYTHING you need at EVERY stage of your music career. This includes the kind of concierge distribution and promotional assistance that people in the music industry often refer to as label services

Our pathway to CD Baby label services is called “Stages.” 

And I want to give you an early look.

Access additional support for your music

Stages is your well-lighted journey through CD Baby’s full spectrum of music services. 

This program allows us to customize our support for your needs, whether you’re releasing your first single or winning your umteenth Grammy. 

The reason is simple: We want artists to thrive while STAYING truly independent. 

You should NOT have to give up more of your rights and earnings as you achieve higher levels of success. With CD Baby, you keep your rights, your revenue, and your creative control. And through our Stages program, we also ensure there’s no ceiling on your success. 

Because as your social audience grows, as your songs gain streaming traction, and as you achieve other career milestones, you unlock new opportunities for your music, including:

  • Playlist pitching
  • Fast-tracked inspection and delivery to DSPs
  • Editorial outreach
  • Social media support
  • Early access to new DSP features
  • And much more

Stages is baked into all CD Baby distribution

As a framework, we’ve listed our additional support services in three tiers, or… Stages

  • CD Baby Essentials
  • CD Baby Plus
  • CD Baby Label Services

But it’s IMPORTANT to know: These are NOT different distribution packages, and there’s NO extra cost (all are available with either CD Baby Standard or CD Baby Pro distribution).

Think of it this way: the Plus and Label Services tiers are LAYERS of support that automatically unlock once your music achieves certain milestones.

Who qualifies for additional promo support?

If you want to see if you qualify for CD Baby Plus or Label Services, visit CD Baby Stages

Along with a breakdown of tiers and services, you’ll also see some ballpark metrics that unlock additional support. Keep in mind, success looks different for every artist, every genre, every niche, and every country around the world.

Likewise, what we can do to help a release go further will differ depending on a number of factors. So the streaming figures listed there aren’t strict requirements, so much as guideposts to help you paint a picture. 

If you’re interested, see if you qualify today!