How to Get Press for Your MusicIf you’re a frequent reader of the DIY Musician Blog, the name Dmitri Vietze might sound familiar to you.

Not only does Dmitri run Rock Paper Scissors, a successful publicity and marketing firm for world music and reggae artists, but more recently he’s put his 14 years of experience as a PR veteran into StoryAmp, a platform that connects music providers and journalists. On top of that, he wrote a guide for CD Baby last year that’s full of great PR tips called “10 Music Publicity Hacks You Can Use Right Now.”

Dmitri is spending the summer in Portland, Oregon (home of CD Baby!) — so it was the perfect time to interview him, and to get his take on how artists can approach the press, get their music heard, and get written about in both local and national press.

Check out the DIY Musician Podcast interview with Dmitri Vietze and find out how you can develop a unique artist story that will hook the press.

Also download Dmitri’s free “Publicity Hacks” Guide packed with PR tips for Musicians:

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