Twitter is a great way to keep up with music news, important band releases, notable signings, tech developments, industry events, and more. But when EVERYONE in the Twitter-verse sees themselves as a curator of information, who do you turn to for reliable information on the most important music news topics? This list should get you started.

The top 10 Twitter accounts to follow for the latest music news

1. The Daily Swarm
@thedailyswarm – They claim to be, “your daily source for the best music intelligence on the web,” and though a lot of their stories are hard news, they also cover some of the goofier sides of the industry.

2. Sound of the City
@soundofthecity – This is the Twitter handle for the Village Voice’s music blog, so it’s sometimes New York-centric, but there’s always big stuff happening in NY, so location’s not really an issue. Great articles from these guys.

3. Paste Magazine
@PasteMagazine – Paste keeps the updates streaming all day, and the variety of music they cover is enough to satisfy even the most eclectic tastes.

4. SPIN Magazine
@SPINmagazine – SPIN has really been embracing Twitter in the last year, even creating a separate account (@SPINReviews) dedicated exclusively to 140-character album reviews. Focus is “alternative” music (whatever that means anymore), but they also rub elbows with mainstream artists.

5. Rolling Stone
@RollingStone – The institution. If you like your current music news with a bit more info on what’s going on with some of your favorite, more “classic” acts, this is your spot. Sometimes people complain that RS is for old people, but I appreciate the breadth of their coverage.

6. Hip Hop DX
@HipHopDX – A constant stream of news covering everything from the world of hip-hop and rap. These guys are authorities on the game, and they know how to do it right.

7. Blabbermouth
@BLABBERMOUTHNET – Breaking news from the world of heavy metal, hard rock, and metal so extreme you don’t even know it exists.

8. Country Music News
@CountryMusicNB – Keeping track of all the happenings in the world of modern country, this account offers links to stories on their blog, as well as other countrified info.

9. Jazz Music Hub
@JazzMusicHub – Don’t think we forgot about jazz. Check this one out for not only jazz news, but also links to articles and videos. For the obsessive jazz aficionado. You know who you are.

10. Billboard
@billboard – The Billboard charts aren’t the end-all be-all music-success barometer that they once were, but they’re still great for tracking trends. Billboard’s feed combines up-to-date sales figures with other mainstream music news.

Honorable mention (since we already included them in our music blogs category)

11. Stereogum
@stereogum – It’s like Pitchfork, but without the air of pretension getting in the way. Great coverage of indie artists, as well as more mainstream stuff that deserves some coverage, too.

-Brad at CD Baby

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