Low cost and flexible payment solutions for artists that don’t have PayPal or international ACH banking options

If you’ve struggled with international money transfers in the past, we’ve got great news: our partner, Payoneer, allows international artists to receive their earnings directly, without requiring a traditional bank account.

Choose Between Different Payment Options:

Payoneer Account – receive funds to your Payoneer Account and then transfer them to your local bank account [or to your prepaid MasterCard card®] when needed
•    Get paid in your local currency
•    Avoid excessive transfer and conversion fees
•    Receive funds to your local bank account, as quickly as in 1 business day
•    Get access to receiving accounts in USD, GBP and EUR

Prepaid MasterCard® Card – multiple low-cost, secure ways to access your funds in minutes
•    Withdraw cash from ATMs supporting MasterCard®
•    Spend funds in stores or online
•    Transfer funds from your card to your local bank account
•    Funds available on your card within minutes

How it Works

1.    Sign in to CD Baby > Click on “Payment Info”
2.    Payment Info dashboard > “How Should we Pay You?” > Choose Payoneer
3.    Once you’ve completed registration, enter your U.S. Payment Service details
4.    Start getting paid!

If you’re already a Payoneer user, select “Already have a Payoneer Account” during registration.

Log into your account and make the switch today!

Questions about Payoneer? Check out our Help Center.