At about 11:50 into this video of Pixies frontman Frank Black (aka Black Francis/Charles Thompson) playing an acoustic set for a wonderful group of kids facing some tough times at the Children’s Cancer Association, he introduces his song, “Where is My Mind?,” by saying it’s the one he’s most known for, and goes on to talk about how it came to be.

Among the highlights:

* It almost didn’t exist. He was strumming around on it at his house and only saw it through after some encouraging words from his then-girlfriend.

* It’s THE song that gets him placed in movies, TV shows, and “invited to social events.”

* He has “no idea what this song is about.”

Just another reminder that inspiration can strike when you don’t even realize it, and that a song can connect with an audience without having any direct relevance to anything, let alone shared experiences.

Do you have a song you almost didn’t finish but are glad you did? Got a favorite song that has no discernible meaning but hits you in the feelings every time?

Sound off in the comments!

Frank Black on "Where is My Mind?"
Photo of Frank Black by Simon Fernandez, and used under Creative Commons license.

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